Fire ceremonies

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Carol’s body of work dates back to the 1990’s and the first big fire spectacular with her company Uma fuego.

Recently Carol has been working with Carolyn Hillyer of Seventh Wave Music and collaborating with other individuals & gatherings to perform meaningful rituals; helping people celebrate moments of transition in their lives, and connecting them with their inner spark.

It’s all about recreating something that has not so much been lost but simply waylaid or misplaced in modern life. The glow of a screen is a poor replacement for fire, one of the powerful natural elements that surrounds us but is not always engaged with. Celebrating the unique and creative ways that we follow on our own paths, these ceremonies signify the death of old energy being reborn, just as the stored energy of the wood is transformed into light and heat energy.

These events are about co-creating, there is no one Master of Ceremony as everyone plays an important and vital part in lighting and keeping the fire burning, connecting us with our hunter gather pasts. These secular events allow us to revisit and relearn old truths.

If any of this resonates with your imagination and you would like to talk about holding a ceremony then please get in contact.