Sisters in service

This manifestation of Dakini ~ Sky dancer was created and brought to life especially for Woman Fest 2019 in Glastonbury.

‘Dakini’ traditionally seen as the manifestation of liberating energy, embodied in female form. She arouses blissful energy transforming defiled mental states into enlightened awareness.

Thank you Rhona for kindly filming the performance.

According to the Grandmother’s she is born from the union between the sun and the earth. She is our cosmic possibility. She is a reflexion of us with our Chakras aligned reaching our full potential as multi-dimensional or cosmic beings.

Dancers and musicians co-created a beautiful ceremony on the Saturday night of Woman Fest, bringing with it the possibility of transforming thoughts, emotions and old patterns.

A huge thank you to all the committed sisters who helped me create and hold this ceremony.

Chakras illuminated

“The sisterhood is gathering…

We gather for each other, for humanity and for ourselves.
​We gather to envision a better world.

These are Troubled Times, we are facing an unprecedented threat to life on this planet, it takes all of us, in our radicalness, our intelligence, our beauty, and our strength to walk towards the world we know is possible


“Woman Fest has been created to bring the phenomenal work of Women together. We are a place of celebration in all that makes us potently female, a deep prayer for the Earth, and a reconnection to the ancient pulse of sisterhood that stands at the very crux of how we will define our world in years to come. When Women gather, magic happens.”


Returning to the Cosmos