Wild Heart & Nettle’s

James, Ella and I enjoyed facilitating a Nettle and Willow cording workshop at Wild Heart Gathering, we had a beautiful sunny weekend and learned at lot about making this type of simple cord. Stripping the basic fibre from the fresh nettles and drying it, then working it into the cord. I was excited to work with a fibre that has been used in this land for over 4,000years. Cloth woven from nettle fibre was recently found in a Bronze age Kistvaen Dartmoor. Within the Bone bundle (of the White horse hill woman) were also spindle wood ear studs and amber beads.

One thought on “Wild Heart & Nettle’s

  1. I really enjoyed spending time with you there, we were lucky with the weather, people, venue and the atmosphere 🙂 . Your fire dancing was a magical treat.
    Thank you xx

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