Grey Wethers Stone Circle – Autumn Equinox 16

Masculine Feminine Balance – Human Reunion

The men they walked from Post Bridge, following the East Dart.

The women they walked from Scorhill circle, over the North Teign, up through the parallel stones of our ancestors, to long stone.

Both parties keeping to the high ground, to avoid bog and quagmire.

Both carrying the banners, heading for Grey Wethers stone circles.

Men from the South, Women from the North, approaching with similar intent but from opposite directions. So we came to Grey Wethers flags flying in the breeze.

The wild excited ponies awaited us within the stones. A sign?


A throng joined us from Fernworthy circle.

We set our altar, and sang our songs.

Separating, each circling into to their own stone circle, to deepen.

Acknowledging each other,male and female, we joined the lemniscate around both the stone circles. Then, widening in the middle and pulling in our edges, we formed a circle that bridged the Masculine and Feminine.

We sang, and listened to Pat and passed the peace pipe.

Wild Heart & Nettle’s

James, Ella and I enjoyed facilitating a Nettle and Willow cording workshop at Wild Heart Gathering, we had a beautiful sunny weekend and learned at lot about making this type of simple cord. Stripping the basic fibre from the fresh nettles and drying it, then working it into the cord. I was excited to work with a fibre that has been used in this land for over 4,000years. Cloth woven from nettle fibre was recently found in a Bronze age Kistvaen Dartmoor. Within the Bone bundle (of the White horse hill woman) were also spindle wood ear studs and amber beads.

I always celebrate the unique and creative ways that we follow our own paths. I am deeply committed to personal transformation, self-knowledge and going with the flow of intuition. What ever adventures that may take us on.

My own path has changed from personal work to sharing the wisdom i have come to understand.